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by Helena Deane on 07/25/11

Dealing with international public procurement can be daunting at times, it seems like a whole new language to learn with abbreviations, acronyms and curious nick-names galore.
To shed a bit more light on the procurement process and some of the resources available, here is a brief summary of what e-CERTIS does. E-Certificate or e-CERTIS for short, is a tool that helps you identify the different certificates and attestations frequently requested in procurement procedures across the 27 Member States, two Candidate Countries (Turkey and Croatia) and the three EEA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway).
The information contained in the database is provided by National authorities and updated on a regular basis. e-CERTIS can help you to understand what information is being requested or provided. Secondly it can help you to identify partner county documents that match certificates and attestations that are required locally. All you need to do is enter the description relating to the document you are looking for or query the database using eCERTIS search criteria, including keyword searches in your own language.
The database provides detailed information on the format, frequency, issuing authority, submission criteria, translation requirements, evidence of source and more and it is a truly useful information system and a must for anybody wanting to participate in the international public procurement process.
To access e-CERTIS: http://www.ec.europa.eu/markt/ecertis/searchDocument.do

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